Integrated Mission Engineering Framework
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Technical CONOPS Training



Integrated Mission Engineering and Technical CONOPS



This option lets one of our CONOPS-experienced Mission Engineers personally teach your group. We can teach virtually (via Zoom, WebEx or MS Teams) or on-site (COVID restrictions permitting) but either way, this private training is the most effective way to learn how to build, socialize and implement IMEF and TechCONOPS.  Private classes  accurately address the organizations true interests, users' needs and stakeholders' expectations. 
There are several other benefits:


  • Guided instruction, tailored to your people’s needs. The first thing our instructors do at the start of day-one is to poll every attendee to ask what their primary job is and what they, personally, want from the training course. The instructor notes those expectations and then makes certain those needs are met during the course.
  • The chance to ask sensitive questions that your people would not be comfortable asking in a public forum. Such questions/comments often start out as “Well, at our company (or agency), we have the problem of . . . “ A private class permits those kinds of sensitive conversations, away from competitors or customers’ ears.
  • The opportunity to have an experienced Mission ENgineer and TechCONOPS builder review your organization’s SE, DE and ME capabilitiesa and CONOPS templates/examples and provide comments. Only in the confines of a private class is this kind of review of proprietary documents even possible (short of a consulting agreement with Smooth projects, which is also common).
  • Take-Away materials you can use immediately: We provide 30+ handouts of CONOPS templates, IMEF lessons learned, program and project examples Key instructor’s slides are provided as well.

The onsite classes are typically 8 hours/day spread across three consecutive days although longer training (deeper dives into the material and/or slower training for non-English speakers) is possible by prior arrangement. 

Our virtual classes are typically 4 hours/day, spread out across 4 consecutive days. The timing of these classes can be set for maximum convenience for your students, anywhere in the world. 

To discuss the option of a PRIVATE training with Mack

  1. Schedule a date and time with Mack by completing the super-short Contact Us block HERE. In the Comment block, tell us that you are interested in  PRIVATE Technical  CONOPS training for your company, and give us some days and times that would work for you to meet with Mack on a Zoom, Teams or WebEx call.  And please specify which you would prefer, a Zoom, Teams or WebEx call, based on what your IT system permits. And please specify if this is an urgent need for discussions with Mack - - - we’ll do our best to meet your deadline. 
  2. Once we receive your communication, Mack will be in touch with you to schedule your call. 


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