Integrated Mission Engineering Framework 
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Are you currently facing any of these situations?

  • Your organization has implemented parts of Systems Engineering (SE), Digital Engineering (DE) to Mission Engineering (ME) but not all three.
  • You are a mid-level engineering manager and want more engagement between your engineers and your military user-customers, by teaching your engineers and PMs to speak “user”.
  • You are an engineering leader who wants to raise the retention rate among young engineers and PMs by making the job more fun. (And by tying everyday engineering work directly to end-users' needs in a proven way, to show more relevance to their efforts.)
  • You are an engineer who wants to learn better ways to build more effective systems-of-systems, faster, by employing the latest tools and techniques in Human-Centered Design, Digital Twins and more.
  • You are tired of watching your systems concepts get discarded.  They  are not getting the support you feel they deserve with users or with your own management.  And your ideas seldom, if ever, survive the US DOD "valley of death", so they don't make it into the users' hands.
  • You have training-related money available from your organization and are looking for something that will make you (or your engineers and PMs) more effective systems designers/developers.
  • You are a military operations SME, maybe even with combat experience, and you are tired of explaining the “military mindset” to engineers and PMs designing systems for Warfighters. You want to give them a new level of appreciation for military end-users' needs, biases, concerns, pet peeves, etc. so they can build better products and services for our military and first responders.
  • You are frustrated watching the CCP continue to kick US and Allied butts in complex system R&D.

Develop the superpower of THINKING like military "users" and designing systems to delight them

By gaining a much deeper understanding of your defense customers, their operations needs, biases and hot buttons

Transform the way you conceive, design, architect, develop, build, field and support complicated systems:

  • Convert military mission needs into actionable system concepts, and then development plans, by using our Integrated Mission Engineering Framework (IMEF), tied to Concept Analysis, the SPOC, CAFEs, and realistic Scenarios.
  • Use the proven User-Driven Stakeholder Matrix (UDSM) to gather and deconflict the desires of key Stakeholders who can make or break a project/program.
  • Select and visit actual end-users and elicit the key needs and biases that must be brought into the design and development process. You will speak “user” and will know the four things you must always say during visits and the three things you should never do!
  • How to join and effectively lead highly-functional IMEF development/design teams, including what engineering disciplines need to be represented, and when (and how) to pull in SMEs from each User Group. And which SME must always be brought onboard first and the two SMEs that must always be included on any development team.
  • How Digital Engineering (DE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) are changing how the defense systems design/development community conceives, builds, integrates and tests systems. Learn how to intrgrate these two disciplines and how to pull in key components from the Technical CONOPS construct for a super-efficient DE process, to accelerate development and lower risks.
  • How each US military service - - - Army, Navy, Air Force, Space, and Marines views combat systems. Learn the unique viewpoints each service, and Special Operations Forces, have for their systems and weapons, and each group’s biases,  quirks and hot buttons.  This information is updated constantly from our Content Advisory Board of 14 trusted Warfighters (including some currently serving!).   
    These combat-experienced colleagues keep our course material absolutely current and relevant, so you, our clients, leave each class armed with the latest terms and lessons learned with insider's information from sometimes colossal (but unpublished) screw-ups.  They keep our instructors and course designers up to date on the most recent issues, so our students can address today’s CJADC2 issues and tomorrow’s Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Warfighter needs. Attendees leave this course with a measurably deeper  understanding of, and appreciation for, the military’s unique needs and expectations for the systems they buy.

Integrated Mission Engineering Framework
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The material in this course is available nowhere else in the world.  And the classes we teach are tailored for the busy professional:


  • Minimal disruption to your normal work and family activities. This class requires only four hours daily, for four consecutive days, allowing your other work or family activities to continue normally. The classes are typically 4 hours/day spread across four consecutive days, usually 1100-1500 hrs US EST Monday through Thursday.
  • The richness of the audience of attendees always provides wonderful networking opportunities to get to know other people in other companies and agencies. Also, the mix of government and contractor people provides a vibrant atmosphere for discussions during the small-team exercises each day.
  • Each attendee gets the same 30+ handouts of templates, cheat sheets, checklists, lessons learned, Technical CONOPS examples, MBSE reference outlines and case studies as in our private classes.  Key instructor’s slides are provided as well.

Our next Public, Virtual Class will be held Monday-Thursday,
26-29 July 2023.

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