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In this free masterclass discover how to:

✔ Speak the language of modern, Joint Force Military Operations, as you design and develop new capabilities..

✔ Use the Take-Charge-Triad of Systems Engineering, Digital Engineering and Mission Engineering, that guarantees successful system development and fielding of systems-of-systems.

✔ Use two foolproof ways to get pound-on-the-desk levels of users’ support for your systems:  the Stakeholder Matrix and special User-Interviews (both structured and unstructured) and when to use each type.

✔ Get a strong competitive advantage with five crucial tools that are completely missing from US DOD’s Mission Engineering toolkit:  User-Driven Stakeholder Matrix, Single Page Operations Concept, MIT’s Problem-Framing technique, User-Driven Development Framework, and the Collaborative Architectural Failure-Resistant Engine.

➡ And we will show you how to use EACH one!

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You will also learn: 

  • Why your discussions with users have been less useful than they could be...when to contact each of the four military User Groups, and the things they will want to hear from you.
  • Ten essential Principles for super-effective development projects (regardless of who funds them, customers or the government)
  • How to sort through competing concepts for new defense capabilities, selecting only those that can make it through to prototyping (crossing the “valley of death” in the US Pentagon’s system)
  • How to find helpful users, how to get them to WANT to meet with you, and how to get maximum engagement and insights from them
  • What key military users buy, and why:  The service-specific biases and systems-related needs of each US military service.  How the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Marine Corps and US Space Force look at problems (biases, prejudices and worldviews that impact procurements).
  • An easy to use framework to tie together all these various parts of effective, efficient engineering (the TechCONOPS process)
  • How to retain young engineers through the first, critical 2 years of employment in defense.

No Sales Pitch, just actionable information about complicated systems development.

Let's build our support base of defense professionals fed up with the business-as-usual approach that is allowing the Chinese Communist Party to kick our @$$e$

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