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CAFE™ Tool Secrets & Project Hacks

Coming soon!  Learn the secret weapon being used on projects and programs everywhere to foster genuine collaboration among teammates, between primes and subcontractors, and between contractor-developers and government people:  the CAFE (Collaborative, Architectural, Failure-resistant Engine). 

Projects never fail exclusively due to a technical shortfall or problem - - - humans are ALWAYS involved.  And true, human collaboration not only prevents project/program failures, it delivers better systems, faster.  And it does this without burning-out your best people.

What you'll get:

  • Smoother projects, that deliver on-time and under-budget
  • Happier clients and customers, whose expectations are exceeded by the system
  • A proven tool for moving your people from cooperation to collaboration
  • Learn to build personas and to cut through people's positions (which should never be debated/discussed) to their interests (where the magic happens)
  • Learn to recognize sociopaths (one of every 25 people you meet/know), how they derail projects, programs and careers (including yours), and what to do about them
  • See how the CAFE tool can bring near-immediate grasp of architectures of complex, multi-tiered, systems-of-systems
  • Learn how building events-sequence diagrams help software teams tie together use cases, CAFEs and mission scenarios
  • See how CAFEs work with Digital Engineering, including Model Based Systems Engineering, for failure-proofing your programs and projects
  • Understand best-practices for working with current and former system users
  • Move from being just another Project/Program Manager to being a rare and remarkable Project Team Leader
  • All this mastered in about 4 hours

Course includes three hands-on exercises where you will build CAFEs, three detailed, real-world case studies (one of them nearly fatal for six people, when the CAFE was violated), and dozens of proven shortcuts, tips and hacks for building high-quality CAFEs, quickly.