Terms and Conditions as of 1 January 2022

Logistics: For private, on-site classes, the client will need to provide a training room that comfortably seats the students and the instructor.  We will also need a non-LAN-connected LCD projector, an audio system, a suitable projection screen, poster paper and easels (none of those things travel well with our instructors). For private, virtual classes, an SP instructor will act as “host”, either by hosting the sessions via Zoom Pro ©, WebEx © or other program, or by being made a host on the online platform your organization uses (WebEx ©, MS Teams ©, etc.) and then permitted to share the SP screen.

Certificates and Licenses: For either virtual or on-site courses, each student will receive a personalized, color certificate showing 16-18 hours of training in systems engineering requirements management.  All course materials are either licensed from other sources or are copyrighted and remain the intellectual property of SP.  Students are licensed for individual use of the material within their immediate organizations.  This license does not permit students to provide class materials, either from SP or third parties, to other people or organizations. 

Tailoring: Courses tailored to a client’s specific needs require additional labor and/or printing and will cost more.  Tailoring examples include the client specifying the use of CONOPS examples besides SP’s Technical CONOPS, inclusion of client-specified case studies or themes, etc.  SP can provide special pricing for tailored courses.

Payment:  A credit card charge or purchase order is required to make a reservation.  Payment in full, in advance, holds the calendar dates on our Master Training Calendar and triggers ordering of licensed material from third parties.  For on-site courses, this payment-in-full triggers printing of course materials as needed and making travel arrangements for instructors. 

For attendance at a public class, virtual or on-site, both commercial and government attendees must pay for their class seats when ordered and/or when the dates are reserved. SP accepts credit cards, government purchase cards, checks or wire transfers (ACH or SWIFT). 

Cancellation: Course fees are not refundable.  Cancellation by an attendee or their organization, before a course starts, or a failure to show for any reason, will result in prepaid attendance for the client at another SP training course, held within 24 months of the original course date, and for the same number of seats originally purchased.

Credit Card Payments:  Unless prohibited by your organization, SP will invoice your organization and charge your credit card for the full amount of the course at the time of the order.  Cancellation by the client at any time after the reservation and payment, but before the class, will trigger rescheduling.  New course dates will be chosen by mutual arrangement.  All payment, refund and other conditions apply.

Payment by Other Than Credit Card: If a credit card cannot be charged prior to the class, SP can make arrangements for the Accounts Payable (contractor) or contracting office (government) of each participating company or government organization to sign and return by email or fax one of three documents: 1) SP’s quote (proforma invoice), accepted and signed, or 2) a corporate purchase order or 3) DOD standard form 182.  If a corporate PO or government SF-182 is used, it must cite the agreed-upon dates and location (if applicable) and should estimate the number of slots desired by the organization. 

The PO should also state the appropriate not-to-exceed (NTE) price shown on SP’s proforma invoice (quote).  Class dates cannot be formally scheduled, nor dates protected, until payment, signed quote, purchase order or SF-182 is received and accepted by SP.

Public Classes:  Our public classes usually include both contractor and government personnel.  SP can bill each organization, or even each person, separately.  Additional students can be added until 5 business days before the instructor departs for the training location for on-site classes, or until the day before the class starts for virtual classes.  As word spreads throughout participating organizations, that a CONOPS or other SP course is about to occur, it is common for attendees to be added.  These additional attendees are welcome, up to a maximum, total class size of 40 people (on-site or virtual).  On the first day of the course, SP will bill each participating organization (or the individuals if necessary) for any additional attendees beyond the original invoiced amount.  This second invoice can be paid using a second credit card charge, check or wire transfer.

Rescheduling Policy: SP reserves the right to reschedule any course to a mutually agreeable date and time, without financial penalty, should events or forces beyond the control of SP (including force majeure) so dictate.  Examples of such events or forces include, but are not limited to, flood, fire, war, civil unrest, labor strikes, terrorism, act of war, accident, illness or insufficient availability of attendees.  Many attendees at SP’s public courses are USG employees and contractors on ready-for-deployment status.  These military members, USG civilians and contractors can be deployed anywhere in the world, with very little notice. When this happens, those people must cancel their planned attendance at our courses.  When enough cancellations occur, an entire course may need to be rescheduled.  SP reserves the right to reschedule any public class, virtual or on-site, at its sole discretion, for which insufficient registrations have been received and prepaid at least seven days prior to course start. Any public registrant(s) affected will be rescheduled in the next available public course.  No refunds are given for postponed or rescheduled course seats.  But SP will honor the original course fee/tuition paid as payment-in-full, with no price increase, even if the course fee in effect when the class is attended is higher than the price originally paid. 

FAR-Compliant Pricing: Our prices (available via email) are in US dollars and are offered based on an established catalog or market price of commercial items sold in substantial quantities to the general public. 
SP represents that the price proposed is no higher or lower than the price charged to any other customer, commercial or U. S. Government, for the same items or comparable quantities under similar conditions.  Smooth Projects is a registered dba (Doing Business As) entity of The Center for Project Leadership LLC, a limited liability corporation registered in North Carolina.  SP is also a Woman Owned Small Business and is listed in the US Government System for Acquisition Management (SAM) Central Contractor Registration (CCR).  The Center for Project Leadership LLC’s federal ID number is 82-0939942 and the company is not subject to withholding by state or federal tax entities.  

Effective Dates: These Prices, Terms and Conditions are in effect through 31 December 2022.  SP reserves the right to change course prices, terms and/or conditions without advance notification.



We are a team of  operations-experienced technical leaders and CONOPS builders who specialize in translating customer's needs into products and services.  

Our instructors are subject matter experts in requirements management, critical thinking, and systems engineering.  We teach courses for defense, civilians and unifrmed military, contractors, and for commercial clients.  

We originated the Technical CONOPS as a way to ensure users' real needs are reflected in mission-critical systems, requirements are captured and managed, and the entire systems development process is smooth and low-stress for all concerned.  This is the mission of Smooth Projects:  user-reponsive systems, delivered faster, at lower costs, without burning-out our most precious asset - - - our people!