This turn-key service involves the absolute least investment of time by you and your team. Smooth Projects' seasoned professionals do it all for you.

Customers choose this option when they don’t have time to learn to build a proper CONOPS or they know how to build one but they realize the project has too much visibility and they don’t want to risk learning on the job. For whatever reason, we’ve got you covered:

  •  We lead all CONOPS-related efforts
  •  We handle all requirements discussions
  • We can either brief or help you brief your leadership, internal and external. And the same for you customers/clients
  • Wherever you see “Update the Client” in our workflow charts, we will do that for you (with your team present if desired)
  • We seek out and meet interested stakeholders to capture their concerns and biases. We assure them that their comments will be taken seriously and we then log each comment into a “Comment Disposition Database” where they are tracked and, where appropriate, acted upon. We will craft the questions and host the sessions to elicit requirements, explore concepts of operations, maintenance, logistics support, and flush-out hidden concerns or other sources of doubt that might make stakeholders reluctant to fully support the development of the capability.
  • We place the most design-driving biases in a Stakeholder Matrix and we put support-related information into the “Support Environment” section of the TechCONOPS template.
  • We build CAFEs - - - our unique collaboration tool and product - - - for organizations supporting the system, reaching agreement among all parties regarding roles, responsibilities, and interdependencies.
  • When the system is defined and subsystems are identified, we work with systems engineers (ours and yours) to build-out subsystem CAFEs, to flesh-out obvious and nonobvious interdependencies. This also serves as a layman’s architecture and often uncovers hidden connections between subsystems (or subsystems that should be linked but are not).
  • We host weekly updates for your team where we discuss progress, areas where additional support/effort is needed, upcoming plans, etc.
  • Most customers choose this option when a CONOPS (and often its associated system) will have high visibility in their customer community and/or could drive high-value business opportunities. In other words where failure is just not an option.
  • We will assemble all our findings and research into the Technical CONOPS format.
  • You, the client, will only need to help us arrange visits with users of the system. You will also, of course, want to give us access to your engineering and business development teams and to anyone else with knowledge of the users’ needs, the system, the operational environment, etc. That is it! We’ll do everything else.
  • Our full-service support begins with a discussion of your needs, your timeline, and your budget.
  1. Schedule a date and time with Mack by completing the super-short Contact Us block HERE. In the Comment block, tell us that you are interested in us building out your CONOPS for you and give us some days and times that would work for you to meet with Mack on a Zoom or WebEx call.  And please specify which you would prefer, a Zoom or WebEx call, based on what your IT system permits. And please specify if this is an urgent need for discussions with Mack - - - we’ll do our best to meet your deadline. 
  2. Once we receive your communication Mack will be in touch with you to schedule your zoom call.